21st on Kenroy

Sheila saw to it I had a party! As so often, Sheila saved the day.

Des Glutz threw open his palatial bachelor home on Kenroy to an invasion of students from JHB and PMB. That’s because as a lonely horny bachelor farmer he had his eye on some of those student teachers from PMB!

“Kindness of his heart” you thought? Ha! Anyway, he owed me for managing his farm brilliantly when he went to Zimbabwe.

Eskom had not yet bedevilled Kenroy so lamps and candles gave light. Music pomped out from car batteries. Noreen, Jo and Ski danced their Broadway routine The Gaslamp Revue with Redge Jelliman holding the silver tray footlight staring in open-mouthed wonder at their skill. And legsnboobs – another lonely horny bachelor farmer, y’know.

There was also Liz and Mops and Jenny and Mandy and Jill, hell, we bachelors were in awe at being outnumbered – a rare event.

Des’ poor personal butler, valet and chef Gilbert bore the brunt of the extra work! He cooked and cooked, including a big leg of lamb which didn’t make the main table, getting scoffed by ravenous would-be teachers under the kitchen table. Pity the poor kids who would have to grow up being taught all the wrong things by this lot in Natal in the eighties.

They were wild n topless:

Koos' 21st.jpg_cr

Tabbo wore a tie so he could make a speech:

Koos' 21st Tabs Koos

After the weekend I roared back to Joburg in a two-tone grey and grey Opel Rekord Concorde deluxe sedan four-door, 1700cc straight-four, three-on-the column chick magnet motorcar. My first!

21st birthday present!! An Opel Concorde DeLuxe 1700 in sophisticated tones of grey and grey. Note my reflection in the gleaming bonnet!

Thanks Mom & Dad! And thanks for the party, Sheils!


The old man organised the numberplate OHS 5678 for me. The man he asked said “Oom, are you sure you want an easy-to-remember number for your son? Don’t you want one that’s hard to remember?”



Author: bewilderbeast

It's about life, marriage, raising kids, paddling rivers, travel in Africa . . . re-posting thoughts written over decades - at random, I'm afraid.

3 thoughts on “21st on Kenroy”

  1. Thanks for the hilarious “confessions”! I do remember Gilbert and the roast mutton incident. I have no recollection of the topless photo shoot though! I also remember opening a drawer next to Des’ bed (with Sheila as witness) and finding a plethora of FL’s in every shape and size!! Not quite sure why we were rummaging through them in the first place! As a sweet young innocent it was slightly mind boggling!
    I have a wonderful video of Des busting some moves with sister Val. I sent it to Sheila the other day, she can forward it to you.
    Keep us posted Koos!
    Wishing you a great Christmas season.
    Warm regards,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Marandeadloss! What a lovely message! I hosed meself! You guys were incorrigible. Just like you to rummage through poor old hopeful romantic bachelor Des’ secret stash, kept more in hope than expectation.
      I saw his video! I think its going to go viral and he’s going to be invited onto Strictly Come Dancing. He’ll win based on facial expressions alone!
      Whattahoot! Lotsa love – K


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