Caltex Calenders

Annie had a Caltex garage; Dad worked for Annie; Louis Schoeman traveled for Caltex. Between 1962 and 1971 Caltex gave cloth wildlife calenders as their gift to their filling station owners.

Dad (now 96) says Louis would ‘forget’ to hand them out and he would insist on seeing what was in his boot. And there, ‘along with the sheep shit’ were the calenders! An inveterate collector, Dad would get ‘his’ share! Right! That’s why he has quite a few duplicates!

– I could find nothing on the internet about BK Dugdale – Mom’s hand here in pic –

Some have been sewn together to make table cloths. He still has plans for them, can’t get rid of them. He knows someone who will make them into cushion covers. Then he’ll get some cushions . .


He’s had it done: The calendars are now table cloths and cushion covers and he’s very proud of them. Can’t understand why his eldest daughter didn’t rave about them! She doesn’t like them, I dunno why; I like them. Nice and colourful.

2 thoughts on “Caltex Calenders

  1. I have hanging on my wall a 1970 Caltex South Africa’s favorite oil company Calendar in perfect condition, the wildlife are beautifully captured by B.K. Dugdale. Are they collectable?

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    • Hi Brian. I’ve no idea. They were handed out to Caltex dealers, so I guess were fairly common at the time; but approaching fifty years later I’d think they were fairly rare, many having being used for making table cloths, pinafores and as rags! I must go and update the post: My ole man (96) is thinking of making table cloths and cushion covers! The Caltex garage was my gran’s. Which one do you have – what animal/s?


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