Koos Kombi

Today Mother Mary took a break from playing the piano. She suddenly remembered a time Mona du Plessis came to her after a ‘do’ at the town hall. These memories come and go so she must tell them as she thinks of them.

Mona said to me – says Mary – “While we were at the town hall Kosie took the kombi, loaded up the de Villiers kids and drove to Joan and Jannie’s where our kids were. Then they all got in – Mignon, Jean-Prieur, Sheila, everybody and they drove up and down Hector Street!”

Of course I remember doing stuff like this – I loved “borrowing” the kombi – but I don’t really recall any specific accomplices! I spose it looked a bit like this:

Koos Kombi full_2

One thought on “Koos Kombi

  1. Jean-Prieur Du Plessis wrote from the USA:
    Hahaha! I can just “hear” that conversation!! – LOL….up and down Hector Street . .
    I replied:
    Exactly! Mona leaning into Mary and telling her. Mary shocked and saying “No!” Mona enjoying the drama – ens.
    I don’t remember this incident – I did ‘borrow’ the kombi often, but I don’t remember all these passengers! – I should have charged a fare.
    Of course it is possible Mary Methodist might be lumping a few memories into one here?


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