Photos – Lack Thereof

Sheila sent this pic of the Old de Witt Hardware store to Steph:

2014/11/03, Steph de Witt wrote:

In those days Plascon had a traveling sign writer who was available for free, you only had to house and feed him, thus all the signwriting on the shop. He also did the vehicles. In later years we made use of Arthur Kennedy, if he was not doing handstands on a pole. Today it’s a Sign Shop. Lucky we have these wonderful photos. Thanks, Steph



Hello Steph. Thanks for the mail. Loved your comment on Arthur – he certainly was a character. Wonder where his two sons, Marlon and André, are these days? And his daughter – remember he named her Jackie Kennedy? No pretensions there. Mum remembers that he grew up in an orphanage, so he certainly did well for himself. Greg wants to contact you – he’s on . What wonderful pics he is sharing with us! Do you have any school pics you can share with us? Are you still living in Clarens? Love Sheila


Steph to Greg Seibert:

Greg, we are all old people now, please get in touch that we can reminis on days gone by.

Sheila, I never were big on photographs, which I deeply regret today, but if you come up with more jewels that you have, it would be great. Who took the one of Alet’s shop? The car in front was a Fiat of some sort. I have just had Alet’s Karman Ghia ( OHS 99 ) and Beatle ( OHS 9 ) restored and am planning to build an old Garage-type building for them and my Dad’s Dodge 88 ( OHS 778 ).

I am getting real sentimental here in my old age !




That’s wonderful. If it weren’t for sentimental people there’d be fokol left! Those cars are icons* and it would be great to see them again.

I was also Mr No-Camera Man. I would say “I’m video-ing it in my head”. Well, what happens when those pixels run into a Black Label?

Luckily I later got married and Trish took 40 million photos – which I’m still trying to sort through!

Mind you, maybe some of the escapades were best not captured on film. Back in the days when a six-pack was six longtom cans and went a long way!

I think you’re a photographer or not. I now have all the cameras but very often forget to shoot. Or remember at the end and get 1 or 2 boring pics, none of the action.

*or aikonas as Pieter-Dirk Uys says.


Note yet another Harrismith first: Pierre wore only one glove long before Michael Jackson copied him.

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