The Watersmeet Hawkins’

Sheila wrote:

Mrs Hawkins circa 1944 with her horse Pie. Mrs Hawkins was the mother of the five spinster Hawkins sisters who lived at Watersmeet at the bottom end of Harrismith. There were also 2 brothers. Only really old Harrismith people will remember this wonderful family. Blanche wrote the “History of Harrismith”. The other sisters had names like Mab, Mary (known as Bloody Bill who nursed “up north” in the Second World War) Vi and Flo. What wonderful names!



  • a willow tree in picture, Platberg in the background –

Watersmeet was a plot on the west end of town, covered in willow trees, where the sparkling Platberg water of the Kak Spruit – after flowing through SA’s second-oldest golf course – flows into the Wilge River on its way to the Vaal River and then the Orange River and then finally the Atlantic Ocean.

Barbara  wrote:
I always thought there were 6 sisters that spoilt you and I rotten at “Watersmeet”. Those were really the good ‘ol days. I loved aunty Vi and was rather scared of some of them, but they were all fantastic ladies. The horse’s name was Robin Pie and the old lady was Mrs. Eliza Hawkins.
Jill Taylor (grand-daughter of Eliza?) wrote:
Just the 5 aunts – how does Sheila know so much about them?! Flo, Blanche, Mary (Bill), Mab and Vi in age order and then Frank and Len were the two brothers. They were all characters!


2 thoughts on “The Watersmeet Hawkins’

  1. A very good friend of mine, her Mom is part of this story. I would love to know if we could connect the writer/s and my friend to find out more about the family history.

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