Eina! and Skande!

. . and then tragedy. Original message from Etienne Joubert in 2014 – (translation below) Good morning all you Harrismith followers! Who was Paul de Witt . . ?? . .  Skande gemaak vir Harrismith se mense. KAAPSTAD – ’n Predikant en bekende restaurateur in Hentiesbaai is Maandag in die vroeë oggendure deur doeanebeamptes metContinue reading “Eina! and Skande!”

1970 – Netjies!

The Harrismith Stadsaal was propvol. Albert Hertzog was coming to speak as leader of his new breakaway party, Die HNP, Die Herstigte Nasionale Party. And the doubtful and the faithful were all there. Plus one Yank. The doubtful were there to worry about the severe liberalisation evident in the Nat Party lately – I mean,Continue reading “1970 – Netjies!”

Flying in 1973

As a 17-yr-old in 1973 I flew from Jo’burg to Rio de Janeiro, then on to New York. This in an SAA Boeing 707 – a narrow-body, four-engined jet airliner built from 1958 to 1979, the first jet to be commercially successful. Dominating passenger air transport in the 1960s and remaining common through the 1970s,Continue reading “Flying in 1973”