This used to be something else, I think, but in our time it was the junior primary school. Occupying a full block between Stuart and Warden Streets near the centre of the metropolis, our Sub A to Std 1 classes were here. Except if your Std 1, 2 and 3 was all together in oneContinue reading “Kleinspanskool”

Cycling the Free State Vlaktes

Sheila asked: Hi Koos. What make were our bikes? Something with an R. Ruttludge? Rudling? I answered, ‘Rudge’. The same Rudge ridden by the English King. ‘Strue! Sheila’s and Barbara’s were red, mine was blue. Given to us by Mom and Dad around 1960 to 1965, I’d guess. We were certainly in the Kleinspan SchoolContinue reading “Cycling the Free State Vlaktes”