Louis, Imperial Schoeman

Mom Mary fondly says bachelor Louis Schoeman was quite important and quite full of himself – ‘He thought he was the Prince Imperial!’ she says teasingly. ‘Louis the Seventeenth,’ she says, adding one to the last of that French line of kings. ‘He played polo, you know, and that was very posh. He walked withContinue reading “Louis, Imperial Schoeman”

Kathy Putterill’s School

Wild-haired Kathy Putterill ran a nursery school in her home. Their house was on a long thin plot on two levels. The lower level had Shetland ponies on it. And I think she had dogs. I seem to remember small dogs. That’s about all I remember. They had a funny car. Right? Kathy enjoyed aContinue reading “Kathy Putterill’s School”