Bains in Zululand

The Bains in South Africa that descended from Stewart and James Bain of Sarclet and Wick, Scotland, who built railway bridges from Ladysmith in the British colony of Natal to Harrismith in the British Orange River Colony, then settled in Harrismith and built and ran hotels, now only have four male Bains left, despite having had seven and nine children respectively. These four are the sons of Peter Bain, son of Dudley Bain, son of Ginger Bain, son of Stewart Bain of the Royal Hotel . . . I think. I may have my facts slightly muddled.

In the year 2000, after two years of adventure in the UK, Chadd Bain returned to Mevamhlope in Kwa Zulu Natal. In 2001 he became involved with an orphanage called ‘Nkosinathi’, building, providing beds and blankets, organising food donations, and teaching the residents to grow vegetables.

Bains Zululand


In late 2002 Chadd met Kate, and they married in September 2004.

The first Orphan Christmas party was held in 2002 for 80 kids. The next year they had 150 children. The next year they decided to do more and started with educating 17 of the kids.

In 2009 Chadd was tragically killed in a motorbike accident in the sugarcane fields. He was only __ years old.

Kate and Chadd’s Mum Shelley and their team have carried on and continued to grow Izulu Orphan Project (IOP) ever since. Do go and have a look at the sterling work they’re doing.

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