Old Apache Selfies

Found some old pics from Apache Oklahoma back in 1973. Dragging Main in a Ford Mustang with my Olympus camera – and taking original 1973 selfies! Next, a self portrait at the Swandas home – my last hosts in Oklahoma. Their farm outside Apache was called ‘The Swandarosa’ – kidding!! Not really – that wasContinue reading “Old Apache Selfies”

Oklahoma’s Wichita Mountains

All above are internet pictures. These next I took on a visit in 1973 with fellow exchange students and my Apache host brothers. From left: Dayne Swanda, Kent Swanda, Helen Worswick from Marandellas, Zimbabwe, Jenny Carter from Bromley, Zimbabwe, Jonathan Kneebone from Australia, Evelyn Woodhouse from Durban, South Africa and Robbie Swanda. Bison, elk andContinue reading “Oklahoma’s Wichita Mountains”