The Arbuckles of Somerby

A snippet: It was schoolfriend Koos Beukes’ birthday today and I remembered he’s from Aberfeldy, so I asked him about a half-remembered memory that popped up on thinking ‘Aberfeldy:’ ‘Who were the rooinek ladies that farmed out your way again?’ ‘Natalie and Phyllis Arbuckle on Somerby,’ said Koos. He actually now owns the farm! HeContinue reading “The Arbuckles of Somerby”

Chopin Mom Used to Play – Nocturne E Flat Major Op.9 No.2

No.6 of Mom’s Chopin repetoire – played at night on the Bentley upright while we lay in bed listening down the other end of the long passage. Sometimes she would practice her hymns for Sundays – she played the organ at the Harrismith Methodist church for a hundred-odd years – sister Sheila christened her ‘MaryContinue reading “Chopin Mom Used to Play – Nocturne E Flat Major Op.9 No.2”

Harrismith Methodist Memories

Fifty-Year-Old Memories: METHODIST CHURCH, SUNDAY SCHOOL AND GUILD IN THE SIXTIES. This was triggered by big sister Barbara’s scribblings written in 2015; edited and added to by me and various other perpetrators: ‘Dropping Dropping Dropping – Hear The Pennies Fall – Every One For Jesus, He Shall Have Them All’ – ” But only afterContinue reading “Harrismith Methodist Memories”

Harrismith OFS in the Sixties

Big Sister Barbara has a good memory for the old days, good sources, like old school annuals and friends like Ann Euthemiou, and is developing a good old-Harries network to enhance all that! She wrote in  November 2015 – Note: To plough through this post you really need to be Ancient – a Rooinek –Continue reading “Harrismith OFS in the Sixties”