Memories Military

You give some old bullets the internets, and what happens” – A bunch of unlikely and involuntary ‘soldiers’ reminisce . . One fine day in October 2018 I walked into work and my practice manager Raksha said, ‘A lady wants you to phone her. She says she thinks you were in the army with herContinue reading “Memories Military”

Graham DryBright Lewis

For army basic training we were posted to Loopspruit outside Potchefstroom. We were ‘medics’ we were told. The place had been a reform school before and we were billeted in old houses converted into barracks – or most of us were. Our gang (platoon?) got the science lab, and boy, were we lucky. The otherContinue reading “Graham DryBright Lewis”


1979 Army “basics” and my buddy Graham and I are hitch-hiking from Potch to Harrismith. At last, in the darkness of that Friday night a clapped-out bakkie stopped. Jump on, says the weirdo who looks three sheets to the wind, while handing us a quart of beer to share. We jumped; We drank; Screaming alongContinue reading “Hitch-hikers”