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Mom’s Friends

Phoned Mom yesterday and she started talking of her old friends.

Joey de Beer and Ursula Schultz were big and close friends at school in Harrismith. Joey’s sister was Marie who became Marie Lotter of Havengas bookstore. Dossie Farquhar was also a close friend.

The picture was taken at their 45th matric reunion.

Ursula used to get comic books and I would visit her and her Mom and we’d read them. I felt sorry for Ursula’s mother as her husband, Ursula’s Dad, was locked up for World War 2 as a possible German sympathiser.

Sometimes us kids would play cards while the ladies played bridge. Mrs Woodcock, Mrs Schultz and maybe Mrs Rosing would play. Maybe Fanny Glick too. Not my Mom Annie, she was at work, running her Caltex garage.


The conversation wandered on to the lovely stewed fruit Sheila makes for Mom.

Yes, I share it with my tablemate in the diningroom. I call her my ‘stablemate.’