Cappy Joubert

Uncle Cappy was a mentor to his three sons and to many others around him. He was a huge influence in my life. He taught me how to play cricket, how to rough-and-tumble, how to BE THERE for your family; how to do the right thing; He had new cars every now and then whichContinue reading “Cappy Joubert”

Hector Fyvie’s ‘English Team’

West Indies cricket. Wow! They would play England and thrash them at their own game. We would listen to the games, ears glued to the steam-powered radio. Representing England you had names like Hicks, Lamb, Greig and Smith who sound OK, except they were all born in South Africa. Then you had Tavare, de Freitas,Continue reading “Hector Fyvie’s ‘English Team’”