Harrismith Hippies

Just been to a gathering in Harrismith where my sole purpose was to bring the average age of the attendants down to a respectable level. I was much younger than the birthday kids. See, when they had matriculated, I still had 730 days of school to go.

Pierre’s joint 60th birthday celebration (along with John Venning’s wife Jill, and Mark ‘Raz’ Russel).

60’s themed, most of the inmates came predictably dressed as hippies. I went as a hippie who admired Elvis’ dress style  post-cheeseburgers. Some wore safari suits, one wore an old English-type boys school uniform (blazer, cap, short pants, long socks and polished shoes). Most wore wigs – and most of the males needed them – and John Venning very predictably got round to dropping his trousers around 2am.

Actually the evening was saved visually by a flock of kids and their friends: Two of Pierre’s blondes were there (Michele & Natasha), Mark’s son & daughter and Jill has 2 or 3 as well (I only know one daughter). Also dressed as hippies, but looking more like the pictures from back then: Slim and young and stylish. Just like we imagined ourselves!

An excellent one-man band played all the right stuff, so it was a good thing it was quite loud or it would have been ruined by everyone singing along. Myself I would have had half-hour gaps with no music so we could hear each others’ lies, but no, when he was resting someone cranked on some good ole 60’s and 70’s CD.

Pierre gave a speech!! Well, he joined Jill & Mark in a well-rehearsed threesome form of poetry rending in which they painted themselves in a good light (and we listened politely). Very well done, actually.

Sheila rounded up a flock of ancient Methodists for a group shot, so three Swanepoels, three du Plessis, three Woods, and Tuffy Joubert posed. Lulu tried to join in but we wouldn’t have it, her being blerrie NG Kerk.

We stayed at Heritage House, Pierre & Erika’s beautifully restored old house-next-door which they run as a bed & breakfast, so post-party we gathered in the kitchen till 3am. Sunday morning we had a big breakfast at the Table of Knowledge in Heike’s restaurant on the slopes of 42second and 80th Hills.

So now I have friends who are senior citizens.

Author: bewilderbeast

It's about life, marriage, raising kids and travel in Africa . . . re-posting thoughts written over decades - at random, I'm afraid.

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